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Stop embracing harassing thoughts

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Stop embracing harassing thoughts

Every time that you feel harassed and lacking in motivation, the chances are that some of the ideas that you are holding in your subconscious are causing you to feel this way.

How do we know if this really is the case?

We are able to identify this physically. You feel a physical sense of unease and a lack of energy to function.

Why does this happen?

All this happens to you because of a few negative thoughts that are working and causing you internal pressure at that precise moment.

The following exercise will help you feel better within a few minutes and cleanse you from the negativity that has attacked you.

The stages:

1. Thought awareness

Uncover the thoughts that are causing you discomfort.

Answer the question: I am feeling uneasy (you can choose a different word) because________________ (be honest and let everything out).

Once you have received the initial reply, repeat the question:

I am feeling uneasy because______________

Repeat the question again and again until you cannot find any more answers.

You will notice to your surprise that there are not many “items” in this list. This is already good news

2. Breaking the identification

Once you have identified the various harassing thoughts, place them in your imagination as “items” that are placed side by side and examine whether they are somehow related to one another or not.

I envisage that each harassing thought is a stone and then I place them away from me in my imagination and lay them side by side.

This is how you “see” that your thoughts are not connected to each other; they are separate from one another.

You can see that there is a distance between you and your thoughts, there is a separation between you and your thoughts and between each thought.

The conclusion in this second stage is that you have identified the various different thoughts and that you are not them!

You are not your passing thoughts. The thoughts are just certain items that you are entertaining in your mind at present.

Which means that you don’t have any problems at the moment, what you have are ideas regarding problems that you are entertaining in your thoughts at the moment.

3. Saying goodbye

During this last stage you must ask yourself a question that will separate you from all the other factors at once.

Ask yourself: who would I be right now if all those thoughts would suddenly disappear?

Imagine yourself when “your internal skies” are empty of those thoughts… they have disappeared I have remained cleansed of them…everything is calm… how would I feel now without all those thoughts?

Loudly speak the answer.

Example answers: I would feel great now, much lighter, I would feel happy, and I would feel as if I can do anything…

At this moment of understanding, you can already feel that your energy has changed and that the path ahead of you is open again.

The internal barriers have disappeared…

They were only in your mind, in your thoughts, you clung to them…

Now that you are saying goodbye to what is harassing you, you can happily carry on going to where you were heading.

Stop embracing the harassing thoughts…

By Alex Ziv – Creating Reality (English by Michal Booker) 

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