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Inspiration regarding truth

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When you think you are human, when you are without thought, in the being, you are God.

Most of us experience only seconds of these godly moments in life and many human moments.

The godly quality is the same quality in us all.

The quality of the human that we are is reliant on our thoughts.

If you want to be a better person, a more successful person, you must deal with your thoughts.

If you want to be God, go beyond your thoughts. Learn to visit a dimension that is beyond thought.

This is the meeting point of us all, beyond the thoughts, beyond the heart and the emotions, there is an ocean of peace/quiet, an ocean of an eternal living realization, that is where one god exists.

The high part which we are used to calling the soul is simply the god within us. This is the pure being within.

Wisdom, being, the true happiness and real life come from the soul.

This is why the highest level of art in the world is the art of enabling.

To use the brain as an instrument, as a channel towards the infinity/endless and not as a final destination. Not as a source but as a channel.

The ego causes us to forget and think that we are the source of the current and that this source is limited according to our education, our financial status, our health etc…

Each person in their own journey learns again and again in various ways that the source is deep rooted or higher than he thought.

Life teaches each one of us this truth over and over, with motherly patience and great diligence.

If we put the brain to one side for a moment, and experience the source, we will see that we are in a much higher place than we thought, we will see that there is a source higher than the brain, and a more enjoyable place than the body.

Once we have spent some time in this personal “Olympus” and fall back into the slope of the brain, we will be educated and able to understand that there is a higher place from which we are able to draw inspiration and wisdom, and receive life in a more direct, clean and powerful way.

How can we exercise enabling?

As long as you remember that there is a source to all things in life and that it is present in you and works through you, you automatically enter a state of enabling, a state of humility.

You receive from this knowledge strength, the impossible turns into the possible.

Because you are not working from your own agenda, you are recruiting to your aid the strength and the wonders of the universe.

There is a saying “if man is part of the possible things, with the help of God, everything is possible”.

Enter this feeling, allow it to fill you and allow yourself to contain it.

Feel that you are never alone, you belong to one and he is in you at all times, he is the source of your life and the true source of your supply.

The soul is like a hidden umbilical cord that is connected to each one of us and the cord of us all leads to one central place – to God.

We are fed through it, we breathe through it, and the rest of all our supplies come from it.

Every time you feel that you have reached a barrier, wall or fence in a certain aspect of your life, it means that you have come to a stop in the brain.

The brain convinced you that you have reached the limit.

At these moments you must remember that a soul exists within you that is at one with entire world and it is wholly strength, wisdom, life, love and abundance… it is the true source from which your life is fed.

Simply divert the focus from the mind to the soul, to God. 

By Alex Ziv – Creating Reality (English by Michal Booker)

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