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Have no fear

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There is an excellent way to deal with fear.

This way is simply to square up to the fear and declare before it that you are not scared of it.

The moment you run away or try and avoid it, the fear receives your power; it drains the energy from you.

It is like two balloons that are joined by their opening and they share the same amount of air, one balloon belongs to you and the other belongs to fear, when the balloon of fear fills, your balloon empties and vice versa.

This is how I dealt with the superstitions which I inherited from my parents, teachers and peers during my childhood.

One day I simply reached the understanding that I contain a mountain of nonsense that does not belong to me, that doesn’t belong to the intelligent person I know I am.

This is the reason why I had to examine things from the beginning and check whether they are true to me based on the my new understanding, anything that does not belong to me, to simply throw away.

A similar effect will take place for anyone who will stand strong against fearful thoughts which he has to deal with.

The moment you stand up against a scary thought, and simply tell it to its face that you are not scared of it, it will disappear.

If we are to deal with something that you refrain from doing due to fear, you must declare that you are not scared, you must focus your energy and then do what it is that fear denies you from doing, defy the fear.

It’s about practicing until one reaches the point of connection with the power within and then is able to follow it through.

Of course I am talking about unnatural fears, ones that disrupt your routine.

You must stand up to them with bravery, tell them that you are not scared, believe in what you are saying, stand behind your words and execute.

The next time that an unpleasant or scary thought comes to visit say to it:

“I am not scared of you” stand up to the fear with all your might.

If the fear does not have energy, if it doesn’t have any empathy from you, it cannot exist, because it does not have energy of its own. It is fed only by the energy of its host.

You must treat fear as if it’s a lie.

Fears are lies, pull yourself together, take a deep breath, stretch your chest, lift your chin and tell them to their face:

“I am not scared” but really mean it.

If necessary, say it again and again firmly.

Too simple? Well, sometimes the simplest things work the best, much better than complicated things.

Try it… it’s an experience.

By Alex Ziv

(English by Michal Booker)

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