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The higher way

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We have all been born with Gd built-in.

We were born with a perfect built-in activating system that was designed in the image of Gd, which is why we have nothing to add to ourselves.

We already contain all the good that we could ever contain.

We sit on endless containers of blessing, good, abundance and love.

The only job we have is to throw out, to clean, to exchange what we are not!

And to reveal what we are.

What doesn’t belong to us gets thrown out.

We must have a spring clean in our spiritual home.

Ask yourself about everything in life:

“Is this me? Does this really belong to me? This thought, this habit?”

If not, then I must throw it out, I must discard of it and I must stay with who I am and with what belongs to me.

The salvation always comes from within, and only you have the keys to release yourself from “yourself”.

Today is a new day and this moment is calling you to take action…

The change won’t happen to you, it will happen from within you.

How important are you in your situation and in what is going on in your life?

Most important, you are the key character in your life.

You don’t need to wait for anybody, you are already here and this is all you need right now in order to begin.

Start from yourself, start now…

By Alex Ziv (English by Michal Booker)

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