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Search for a connection to God

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In beautiful art, in people, in music that is played from the heart with a wonderful connection there is a connection between the artist and God.

The point of connection is not only the artists but also yours.

In this place there is an unseen “socket” which can connect your plug to God.

The artist creates around him an energy field which is like a gate, the entrance into the Godly district.

This is an invitation for you to enter, to connect to the extraordinary.

When it happens you feel something move in the area of the heart, something opens, something flows there and makes you feel good, makes you feel an unexplained feeling of superiority something that is present beyond words.

This is the language of emotion, love, the gate into the Godly dimension of our worldliness.

Look for these moments, look for the people who cause this connection,

Find the music that will play your way towards the supreme.

If you are able, create this connection by yourself, for yourself and for others.

Give others a few sockets from your point of connection so that they can also charge their heart with the ultimate energy, in the pure existence.

It can be in any field where you have a connection to God. If you are a chef, a magician, a musician or anything else where you connect to the cosmic energy and become at one with it in a natural and flowing way.

If you find this connection, present it to the world, let this light shine, show it so that others will be able to connect through your terminal to the God within them. Start the silent engine which is in neutral , put it in gear and float to heights of being on a magical moment of connection to God.

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