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My definition of wealth

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A person who has somewhere to live, food to eat and clothes to wear is wealthy.

According to my definition the majority of the population is wealthy.

All the rest suffer from one type or another of an inferiority complex, or they are looking for their happiness somewhere where it doesn’t exist.

This understanding has come to me through various experiences in my life.

One of them was when I met a woman who came up to the car window whilst I was driving in the U.S, it was during sunset, it was starting to get cold outside, the weird thing was that this woman did not look like a beggar or a typical homeless person; she looked like a typical American woman.

The woman cried and asked in a shaky voice for help in order to make it until the next morning, when we asked her what is the problem?

She said that she arrived too late to the homeless centre and so she was not allowed to enter, she added that she has found work but was starting to work in a couple of days, but she was worried that she would not last a couple of days, I felt that she was being truthful and that she looked like a gentle civilised woman, before the traffic lights changed I hurried to take out a note that would be sufficient for her to buy some food and pay for her to stay in a hostel until the next morning, I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and I too was cold, I was sorry that I didn’t have anything to give her to cover her shoulders, the woman who was in the car with me said that she usually keeps warm clothes in the trunk of the car and that she gives them out to people that stand lost at the crossroads during the evenings and that don’t even have an item of clothing that will keep them warm but unfortunately she had already given them all out.

When I handed the lady the note, I looked into her eyes and sincerely said that I am giving her the money because I believe in her, and I know that she will succeed and manage to overcome all of this.

This sentence “I believe in you” caused her to smile through the tears, and I felt that it was important for her to hear this more than to receive the money, it was important for her to know that someone still believes in her despite the situation she is in.

The lights changed and we had to move on, but this woman, that looks like any one of the women that you would be happy to meet in the street or amongst other people, with her motherly look, and this contrast, watching her like this in the street caused me to awaken suddenly and realise what real wealth is, what is abundance, to what extent I am already wealthy with what I have and that I should never forget this lesson.

The last book I finished reading a few days ago was “start where you mean to finish” (English) by Chris Gardner whose life story became the film “In pursuit of happiness” played by Will Smith.

If you haven’t seen this powerful film, Chris Gardner got to a stage where his wife had left him because they had no money and left him to singlehandedly bring up their two year old son, Chris whose financial situation deteriorated had to raise his son with no money or help and so they found themselves in the street together. But the feeling of responsibility towards his son, his strong belief and his vision to succeed caused him to carry on and not give up. In the morning he would put his son in a cheap day care centre and he went out to study and work, in the evening he would collect his son and he would start to look for somewhere to stay the night. Many times they had to sleep in the street or in the toilets of the train station, where he would tie his son to his back, in the morning he would once again put his son in the day care centre and continue his journey in order to secure themselves a better future. Chris’s success story is incredible because today he is a multi millionaire who owns his own investment company which deals with philanthropist work, he writes and inspires others to succeed.

His life story is full of messages and inspiration, but the most important fact he wanted to put across during his experience was that it was about a year that they were living in the street, Chris managed to complete his studies with distinction as an intern in a financial investment company and was offered a job.

With his first pay cheque he rented a basement flat for him and his son, and this was their first real home in a year.

Chris talks about the moment that the landlord gave him the key for the first time… he felt success that words cannot describe.

When Chris felt the weight of the key in his hands, he knew that his and his sons’ pain was over, he was the happiest man in the world, he felt like an athlete that had just won a gold medal in the Olympics.

Yes, all in all a simple key that each one of us takes for granted. And to him it was his whole world.

If you too hold a key to your flat, have food and clothes to wear, you are wealthy!

You are already wealthy.

Remember this, celebrate your wealth.

You have no reason to complain about anything in your life, only to be happy.

And if you are healthy and you feel well, there are no words to describe how much you have won.

You can be happy.

Wealthy and happy.

Remember this message, it is one of the most important messages you can receive.

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