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If you are an intelligent person you have probably asked yourself at least once the following questions:

What is the meaning of life? What is my meaning? What am I doing here?

The search after the meaning often causes us to circle around our own tail and not proceed towards understanding.

There are people that their meaning is in creating fires in their lives and to put them out again and again. There are those who dig pits and work hard in order to cover them so that they can feel purpose.

But situations like these are not real meaning; they are but a cheap substitute to the real meaning.

There are those who find meaning in obtaining things and continuously raising the bar, there are those who find meaning by helping others, there are those who find meaning in spirituality, in religion, there are those who find meaning in art, in raising children, in love, in a certain occupation, in hobbies etc…

I will ask you a direct question – what is the meaning in your life?

Take a few moments to think about the answer…

What have you found?

Does your answer satisfy you, are you sure that this is the correct answer or has your mind just whipped something up quickly in order to not stay exposed?

What really is your meaning in life here on planet earth?

Close your eyes and stay a few moments with this question…

Don’t try and extract plastic answers from your memory bank.

Don’t try and borrow meanings from other people or from an outside source…

Why are you here? What are doing here on this planet?

What is the meaning of all this…?

Stay only with this question, close your eyes and concentrate only on this question.

Disconnect from everything and concentrate only on this question.

Ask sincerely, afterwards release your hold from this question, concentrate only on the quiet and the darkness of your closed eyes and wait for the answer…

Even if the answer doesn’t arrive, it’s ok…

At least you now know that you have no idea what the meaning is.

But now you are touching the truth, and it is important no less than finding the meaning of your life without delay.

If you find to your surprise that you have no idea what your meaning is in life, be happy.

Because this is an excellent revelation, it means that there is a void within you that is ready for meaning to enter.

And to those of you that managed to quickly extract the information regarding their meaning, I suggest you check this again and you ask, is this meaning real? And if it isn’t real this is the time to let go of it and to stay in this void space.

This is the time to be a bit empty, to not know too much, to not be too clever or too confident…

This is the time to be curious, the time to connect to the truth and receive it as it is.

You may even be surprised, because just as you remove all meaning from your life, you will discover the real meaning.

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