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Whilst you are worrying everything is working out


Why will things work out for you?

We are all in a process, there isn’t a situation where things don’t move in your life.

There may be a situation where you think that things aren’t moving.

There is a fine line and it is important to remember it.

It is very possible that the process is not clear to you right now which is why you cannot understand why you are where you are and doing what you are doing, and why the wheels aren’t moving as you would like them to.

The reason is simple: you are in the middle of a process and things will shortly become clearer.

And when they become clearer you will look back and understand how everything was absolutely perfect.

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” ~ BUDDHA

In fact when you understand in retrospect how things worked out while you were worrying, you cannot but stop and take stock of the wonders of the universe, you cannot but feel small opposite the power of the universe, you feel at this moment that you live in a world more unusual than imagination, a world that is managed by a higher intelligence than yourself.

When you comprehend the stages that you have gone through on the way and the signs that led you to where you are, the static and boring materialistic reality takes a mystic turn.

At moments like this you get a demonstration that you live in a world of awareness.

You suddenly understand that there is a magic that you are unaware of which takes place behind the scenes and leads you to where you need to go, with or without you worrying.

It goes without saying that our personal worry only delays and interrupts, and this is our job to control our mind and learn to relax and trust, to believe and utilize the way we think, to deepen our intuition and act as we should act.

It is our job, and the more we practice, exercise and practice again we will be able to cooperate in a more harmonious way with the bigger good.

Even while you are worrying everything is working out! So why worry?

Has it ever happened to you that you have had a strong desire towards something and you have felt that it has to be yours, but the more time went by you felt how this thing is just getting further away from you and on the way you worried, got angry and cross until suddenly in one brilliant step of the universe the situation turned in your favour and everything worked out how you wanted it to and even in a better way?

It has happened to me more than once and I am sure it has happened to you too.

Worry – the diving board from the primitive mind to the developed mind.

A person who lives a boring repetitive life that progresses to nowhere, doesn’t worry.

Worry is a sign that you are entering an area that is new to you, the primitive mind which still exists within us acts according to its survival instincts.

It sends signals of worry everytime that you try and progress towards your comfort zone, the moment you try and come out of the circle which you know so well, from your personal rat race.

If you are worried it is a sign that you are progressing, otherwise there would be no worry.

Calm your primitive mind by using the developed part of your frontal lobe.

Use worry as a leap towards other thinking, as a springboard towards other ways of thinking, as a springboard from your animal like primitive mind to your developed godly mind.

Leap from your animal like mind into the universal mind using your awareness towards the order that exists, by awakening to the little signs of the order which exists in your life.

When things work out for me despite worrying, it’s a huge awakening.

It immediately brings me back to the path of faith and the wonder of life.

It brings me back to my place, with humility and modesty, and I understand that there is a higher thinking than myself in the universe which I wholeheartedly trust.

A Godly thought which organizes interesting lessons for us, thanks to this we grow and become wiser and more developed.

The message is as follows:

If it is yours you will get there with or without the worry.

If it is not yours, there is something better along the way. . . don’t delay.

What yours is yours! And no one can take it away from you.

Even now, whilst you are needlessly worrying things are working out for you.

Everything is working out.

Do you want to do something clever with your worry?

Turn your worry into belief, its exactly the same energy, play with it.

A person who – worries doesn’t believe.

A person who believes – doesn’t worry.

Have you understood the message?

If not , don’t worry you will understand it in due course.

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