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That’s what I want!

Alex Ziv - Thats what I want! @

:Today I want to share an insight to remember and apply

If we do not define clearly and say to ourselves what we want,

Our fears, worries, negative thoughts will say it for us,

In our name …

What they want!

We are not aware of it, but at any moment, we broadcast what we want.

This is reflected in our energy, thoughts, emotions, actions, body …

This automatic process, and we can not avoid it.

It’s the answer to this eternal question the universe is asking us any time:

“What do you want?”

And we can answer it consciously and deliberately, or we can leave the answer to our ragged thoughts.

And this is the main part of the mess in so many peoples life.

It’s better to know what you want and go for it with all your energy, than to leave the microphone open to your mind’s negative self-image,

Limiting beliefs from the past, fears and concerns and let them speak for you and say what they want you.

And what they want for you?

They want to limit you, they want to leave you small, they want you to stay where you are and not get nowhere.

This is the bottom line …

You speak on your behalf, or they speak for you.

The microphone is always open…hear you, feel you, see you … and your world is being shaped around who you are and what vibe you send.

And it must be resolute … only one is talking here … it is you or the negative beliefs and those little thoughts.

Who speaks on your behalf, you are or “they”?

Know who you are, know what you want, say it quite clearly…do not whisper… shout it out to the microphone!

Damend who you want to be now, demand what you want to do now.

Here and now, today, right now, from here onwards …

Most people demand what they want first from others … first they “give me what I want … but it does not work that way.

There’s nothing to wait for … “they” will not give you what you want, only you can give yourself what you want.

The one who knows what he wants and declares it every day, all the time to himself … “That’s what I want, period!”

Will make himself a goal directed arrow, and his reality will magnetized into this path to help him realize it.

Our daily mantra should be:

That’s what I want!

And it should be something that is related to the root desires of the soul, something which will give you meaning in life,

something to which will enable the closed flower inside of your soul to open up.

Something worth devoting our time to it, our life for it.

Something worth to breathe for every day …

What do you want?

Declared: That’s what I want! period.

And just go for it.

It is yours …

By Alex Ziv 

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