A new insight

When there is difficulty, when things don’t seem to be moving, it means that a new insight is about to be born.

It means that there is an insight or insights that you must get to.

When the insight comes out, when it is born into the world, there is a sense of relief, a floating feeling.

All of a sudden you understand that the effort was worth the result.

It seems that we are continuously “pregnant” with insights that are waiting to come out into the world.

We go through labour pains that come by way of various challenges that require from us perseverance, determination and wisdom in order to refine the diamond of insight.

The insights which we have reached by ourselves in our lives as a result of experience are our real property.

They are our real fortune which strides alongside us wherever we go.

We learn many things in our life, but real insights are like pearls, oil, gold, diamonds, they come from the depths.

And the depth is in the depth of the challenge we are facing.

Sometimes we are in situations that we are not very comfortable in, but we must remember that in these depths we can find pearls, the insights that will enrich our being and our lives, they will be ours forever.

Every person carries with them a pearl necklace of exceptional insights that they have gathered in their life.

A necklace of understanding which he has reached all by himself.

Every difficulty, every challenge is an invitation to a new insight.



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  • Venia Žarković says:

    Thank you very much!Your words are kind of friendly support on the roud of changing my life!!!It is great for me,because,I decided to live happy,fullfiled,secure life!But,to cgange things inside is not alwais easy…Any way,I love it!!!