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Personal Development for Smart People

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Personal Development for Smart People 

A few days ago I received in the post Steve Pavlinas first book: Personal Development for Smart people – The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth.

Whilst reading it I remembered a breakfast which I was invited to a few years ago in Los Angeles, I sat with a very successful man, a musical creator with a wonderful career of creating music for TV, films and theatre (I “grew up” on some of his music). Opposite me sat an ordinary man, without pretension, who spoke openly and sensitively, seemingly a very ordinary man, with a very slight difference, and in those days this difference seemed unbelievable…

The small / big difference in my opinion was that the man sitting opposite me became wealthy from doing something that he loves to do.

And more than this, he became rich from music! Music? I come from an Israeli reality of musicians that try to survive and pay their monthly bills, who play and create music that they don’t really like just because that janre is more popular and can pay them a wage.

And here I am sitting opposite a man that has made a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars through creating music that he loves.

Today he is 60 plus and he continues to create everyday with the same enthusiasm which he has had over the past thirty years.

I asked him, how can a man who creates music become rich, or make such huge amounts of money?

“Money” he laughed, “I never thought about money, all the years I concentrated on creating excellent music every day, I never dreamt of becoming rich, never thought about money”.

And then he continued to add “know that if you do something just for money, you will not become rich, you will not succeed…you have to come from a creating place, from a place that where your soul is at one with it, the money is secondary…take advice from me: do not put money ever in first place, first of all do what you love and do it in the best way that you can, from there money will also come”.

I recalled this incident when I read the following in Steve Pavlinas book:

“Perhaps the best path to wealth is to release your fear of being poor” – page 197

And this is so true.

Only when you release your fear of being, of doing and receiving something, you can be, you can do and receive it.

Steve himself has had to cope with bankruptcy in his first business of developing computer games, afterwards he went through a difficult time where he had only a few dollars to exist on, but nevertheless he continued to create where he is directed towards truth and a desire to grow, to flourish and to share his personal journey with others so that they too can succeed.

Today Steve Pavlina is the owner of the website / the most popular blog in the world of personal development and over 2 million people enter his website monthly to read his articles.

He did this without even spending a single cent on advertising and progressed only through word of mouth (or from email to email). People simply loved its content and passed it on to their friends.

The book that he has written comes from a wide range of experience, from intensive studying and the repetition of the principles of personal growth. His personal success is the best proof to the fact that these principles do work.

The book is divided into two parts, the first part presents, concludes and then puts in order the seven universal rules by which he manages his life, they are:

Truth, Love, Power, Oneness, Authority, Courage, Intelligence

He explains and details the components of each one of the seven rules and the combinations between them.

In the second part of the book, he shows how to implement each one of these seven rules within daily life:

Habits, Career, Money, Health, Relationship, Spirituality

The book is focused, easy to read and understand, well organised and contains practical and unique exercises which Steve has developed himself and succeeded using. For example what is your aim in life? What is your message? How to feel united with everything? And many other exercises that are focused on getting results.

The most obvious characteristic in Steve is his openness, he is not offering “magical principles” these are tools and techniques that produce results for every person that will act by them.

Steve is a “practical spiritualist” on the one hand he is very organised and proceeds with both feet firmly on the ground and on the other hand he knows to raise his thinking and take off from within the “box” out, to think in a unique way and to look at things from an unconventional perspective.

Both these characteristics make this book and Steve’s message an efficient tool towards personal growth.

The seven principles which Steve talks about are present in everything he does in his life, he doesn’t only teach them, he lives by them. His success clearly shows this from every possible direction.

The publishing house is Hay House owned by Louise Hay and they are the ones who sent me this book through Steve, So firstly thank you to them and to Steve Pavlina for an excellent book. I wish for him that this will be one of many books which he will share with the worldwide audience.

How did I get to know about Steve? It all started with John Assaraf…

After I finished interviewing John for my website, we started talking freely about various subjects.

During our conversation John asked me about my website and about my monthly visitors.

Before I replied I preceded and said (humbly) that by Israeli standards this amount is considered high.

When I told him the number, he smiled at me and said that the number of surfers who visit my website is considered high even in an international standard…and then he asked me if I know of Steve Pavlinas website.

I replied that I did not know about it.

John then said: “this guy is very sharp and his website is very successful” he suggested that I enter his website and gave me the address.

When I entered the website I was impressed by the number of articles… Steve had written over 700 articles on the subject of Personal Growth.

I connected to his authentic way of writing and I was especially appreciative of his courage to share every aspect of his life that is connected to personal growth.

When you read his words you feel as if you are in a personal development reality show where Steve is the main part, there are cameras everywhere and they are reporting on every detail in his life.

Steve is also not predictable in his writing and it seems that he isn’t really bothered by any criticism.

One day he can write a very well organised article, almost scientific, mathematical and based on facts.

And the next day he can write about the spirit of his deceased friend, inviting him in the morning to the casino (he lives in Las Vegas) because the spirit felt like playing and together they made “a great win”.

As he explains in his book, Steve is in favour of 30 day experiments. Exactly in the same way that many programming companies allow you to use their programme free for 30 days so that you will see whether it suits you, Steve also uses 30 day experiments in personal development and shares with his readers the “moment of truth” in the process, exactly like a written internet reality show.

I highly recommend Steve’s new book: 

and his website:

By Alex Ziv – Creating Reality (English by Michal Booker)

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