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what’s in the treasure chest?

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what’s in the treasure chest?

Your soul is just, thirsty! you’ve watered until now only the ego,  and dried the soul.

When the goals are used as a drink for the ego, they can never satisfy the real thirst…

It happened to me and I saw it happen to many others.

In the past I’ve achived goals which related to the ego and was  disappointed to realize that they do not provide fulfilment for the soul.

Once the ego is no longer thirsty, our soul begins to cry and ask for real water.

When you do something for reasons that don’t come from the soul
There is a short period in which you feel that everything is blooming and beautiful,

But the problem is that these flowers are not flowers that come from the heart.  But the flowers of the intellect, the ego ,  and different kinds of inferiority complexs.

The great paradox is that,  only,  once you’ve achieved the ego-driven goals, you realize that you’re still thirsty …

You’re thirsty for something more meaningful …

How to discover what our soul thirsts?

Here’s a simple exercise, that can give us the answer:

Imagine a trail that leads to a cave…this cave contains your treasure chest.

You’re entering the cave and slowly approaching to open the chest… amazing light is glowing from within the chest…

What’s in there?

Inside the chest is what your soul really thirsty for…what your soul really wants…

Insert the key, turn it … click!  The chest opens …

What word or image comes out of there?  What is in the chest?

By Alex Ziv – Creating Reality

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