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There is a simple and effective way to deal with fears…here it is:

Face the fear and tell it you’re not afraid of it.

Once you run or try to escape from fear, the fear is receiving your power, it draws your energy.

There is only one energy within you, if you let the fear take that energy,

Guess who is left with less power or no power at all?

It’s like two balloons attached together and share the same amount of air,

One balloon belongs to you and the other to fear, when the other balloon is filled with fear, your balloon is empty, and vice versa.

Once you are faced with a frightening thought and just tell it you’re not afraid to face it, the fear disappears.

If this is an action you are avoiding of doing because of fear, you must declare that you are not afraid, fucus your energy, and then do the action that fear stoped you from doing, inspite of the fear.

It’s a matter of practice…practice will increase your ability to do it.

Of course I’m talking about unnatural fears, that disrupt your routine.

You must face them with courage, say you are not afraid, and believe in what you say, stand up behind your words and perform.

The next time the you’ll have a visit from unpleasant or scary thought, tell it:

“I’m not afraid of you”.

If the fear has no energy, if you don’t identify with it, it can not exist, because it has no power of its own.

It is fed on the energy of its host.

You must refer to fear as a lie.

Fears are lies, center yourself, take a breath, stretched your chest, lift your chin and tell them:

“I’m not afraid!” But say it like you mean it!

If necessary, say it again and again with determination.

Too simple? Well, sometimes the simple things work the best, much better than the complicated.

Try it … it’s a liberating experience.

by Alex Ziv

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