“Nature’s storehouse of wealth is inexhaustible and if there seems to be a lack of supply anywhere it is only because the channels of distribution are as yet imperfect.” ~ Charles Haanel

Patience is the correct word.

There is order in the universe, things don’t just pop up from nowhere, for no reason and appear before you.

The hidden energy of the universe which is present in everything works in a very methodical way using foundations, distribution channels which create what we call the world.

What is true to macro is also true to micro, is true to you, in your issues.

The things you desire, the destinations which you wish to reach all require foundations.

If you do everything correctly, and are in harmony with the laws, all which is left is to wait with the certainty that it is in the making process, which is on its way.

Before it comes to you, the channels between you and it and from it to you have to be perfect.

It could be the right person that you will meet at the right place and time, or a word that you will hear or read in a book or newspaper, and it can also be a period of time that you will put into your work, in creating, and sometimes it’s even present in your waiting, simply allowing things to take care of themselves and wait patiently until the foundations will be ready.

For example, think of a new junction that is being built whose job is to shorten the duration of a journey and to ease the congestion into the city.

So you can see that the foundations have already been built and you can notice the planned root, in your mind you can already drive through this shortcut, from the point that you are at to the other side.

But in actual fact, you cannot cross there in your car until the works have been completed and the root is open to traffic.

The same thing happens in creating reality, you must create a vision of your destination, the starting point you know well, and what is left for you to do is do your very best to help the channels that will lead you to it so that you can start building.

Sometimes it will need your full co-operation, sometimes part co-operation and sometimes just… patience.

Just a bit of patience and everything will work out : )



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