Go and get it!

The strongest scene for me in the film “in pursuit of happyness” is

When Chris Gardner says the following words to his son:

The final sentence hits like an arrow into the heart, in the weakest point of the soul.

These are the words that every child should hear.

These are the words that I would have like said to me again and again during my childhood and even written on my wall opposite my bed in bold capital letters.

This is the philosophy of bravery, the philosophy of abundance, the philosophy of the human/Godly potential that exists within us.

These are words that even every adult should say to himself and other people around him.

If you really want something, do not allow anything to stop you, not what other people say, not what your negative “internal voice” says, and not anything else.

You must decide what you want, make a decision, you must feel and know that you can concentrate all your energies until the last drop and then shoot yourself forward like an arrow straight to the heart of the target.

And even if it doesn’t happen first time, get up shake yourself and then try again with the same sharpness.

Lock onto your target and try until you succeed.
You just have to believe that you are capable.


P.S: every time that you have doubts regarding fulfilling your dreams, remember this important message and…



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  • Sally says:

    This is sooooooo powerful!!! Undoubtedly the best scene in this movie. I too wish that these words were said to me, although I am grateful for all of the other pearls of wisdom that were passed onto me from my parents and other teachers/family members/friends in my life. I believe everything comes to you in perfect timing and absolutely happens for a reason. There was a reason why I was not aware of these powerful words until this point in my life. After seeing this movie, I said these very words to my daughter, but not yet to my son. I think I will tell him when he gets home from school today………

    Thank you Alex!

  • Alex Ziv says:

    Thank you Sally!