Have you forgotten?

When you are afraid of something, it means one thing; it means that you have forgotten that God exists.


It means that you are only relying on your strength, it means that you think that you are separate from the rest of the world, that you are here alone and that you are not connected to anything around you, it means that you have forgotten who you are and who you really belong to, you have forgotten where you belong, you have forgotten in the image of who you were created, you have forgotten the endless energies that are present in you, you have forgotten the springs of happiness that are in your soul, you have forgotten that there is great love in your heart, you have forgotten that the ability to dream has been given to you only because you were also given the ability to make your dreams come true… you have simply forgotten…


When you are concerned about your livelihood or your financial situation you forget that God exists, you forget that you belong to the universe and that its first natural principle is abundance, growth, a continuous renewal and a will to grow and reach maximum prosperity, a blossoming in every way! The universe continuously creates, generates, builds and grows anew.


If you are concerned about your financial situation it means that you have forgotten the root of what everything is made from, you have forgotten who invented the abundance and the prosperity and who supplies it with persistence from the beginning of time, you have forgotten who feeds the ant the bird the camel all the way to the elephant, you have forgotten who provides the whole world with raw material that is filled with essential ingredients for growth, life’s components.  And is there a bigger abundance than life itself?


Would you change any type of treasure in your life? Life itself is the first biggest form of abundance that you have won without doing anything for it.


If you are worried it means that you have forgotten and you think that you are walking alone, disconnected from all the power and insight that exists in the universe.


If you are worried about your health it means that you have forgotten that God exists, it means that you have forgotten the source of health that bubbles from every energy particle in the universe, you have forgotten that you were created perfect , with perfect health and that is the main principle of life, you have forgotten that doctors don’t cure, they only help the body cure itself, a thing that it knows to do better than anything else, because it is connected to the one source of health that connects all creations… you simply forgot…


If you are worried about your relationship it means that you have forgotten God, it means that you have forgotten that God invented the couples and caused the attraction between them, you have forgotten that every living creature is written not only at the Ministry of Interior but also in the highest intelligence of the universe, you have forgotten that everyone is connected to the same source and that your perfect relationship isn’t that far from you at all, and it can arrive at any time… you simply forgot…


If you are not happy in your life it means that you have taken God out of the picture, you have fallen asleep and you are dreaming that you are separate and that you must carry the entire burden alone, by yourself.


You have forgotten what your connection is to him and what the real source of energy in your life and in life in general is.


And don’t be mistaken even for a moment that I am talking about a specific religion or about repenting…


God is available to everyone, all the time, at every time and place, always.


As long as there is a heart, thought and soul within you you are Godly, and this means that you belong to God.


The ocean and the drop are one.


Even if the drop forgot for a moment who it belongs to, the Ocean exists within it all the time, because the drop is the ocean.


If you are bitter, sad or in pain… it means that you are isolated.


And you are isolated because you forgot that God also exists, and he exists in you all the time.


Remember now… remember…



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  • Dina says:

    Dear Alex! I hope you are well. My name is Dina, I live in Canada I would like to thank you for that beautiful letter that literally got me out of my depression over night, I was having some dark moments in my life, and at that time my sister from Israel send me that letter.
    It gave me light, strength the power to let go of my life struggles, and reminded me what I already knew, but forgot for a wile.
    Thank you so very much, I am sure this letter will help millions of people.
    Be well.

  • Alex Ziv says:

    Thank you Dina!

    I agree with you about “I am sure this letter will help millions of people”

    I think every human being on this plant should read it : )

    it is the most important message anyone can get.

  • Wow, Alex!!! Very, very well said. Thank you for the reminder. I hope it reaches many. I’m posting a link to this on my Facebook account. God bless you and have an amazing day.


  • Alex Ziv says:

    Thank you Tracy : )

    I appreciate it very much!