New visualization exercise

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New visualization exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to remove our focus from unwanted situations which are going around in our consciousness.

Each of us at most, have around 2 – 4 situations that we do not want to focus on, and yet our mind keeps streaming them back and forth.

Here’s how to get rid of these situations:

Think for a moment of any situation that has been bothering you lately …

This could be a situation related to health, money, relationships …

Once you’ve identified the situation,

See it as an image in your imagination and… place a big X (erase sign) on this image to deny its existence.

Right after you draw the “X”  on the image, confirm to yourself that this picture is no more relevant to you…it was deleted from your consciousness.

In this way, we withdraw the spiritual / mental forces we provided to this situation and we are not giving it power and “life” anymore.

The next thing we need to do is to imagine the opposite positive situation that we DO want to experience … do it now …

Once we see clearly the situation that we do want to experience, which is opposite to the negative situation,

We place a YES sign (I love a green yes sign on the right up next to the picture …) on it.

Do this exercise and you will instantly feel the difference in your feelings regarding this situation.

Do it with every situation that disturbs you.

The first step is to deny the negative situation and then to approve an alternative positive situation.

Imagination is the creative workshop of our mind,

Do an “X” on nagging negative images, do not give them power, give power only to what you do want to experience.

And you can mark a big YES sign on this!

By Alex Ziv – Creating Reality



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  • Alena says:

    I am so thankful I was guided to your site today. I was not familiar with you until I saw an intervew you had with John Assaraf. Then I went to your site and began to glean. I love the visualization of using an X to mark out wrong focuses in our mind. That was timely for me and very helpful. I value what you are doing and sharing with others.

    To your great success!!! Alena/Dallas, TX.