I would like to introduce before you today the magic word “possibilities”.

Every day we must make decisions, identify our priorities, and drive our lives towards the best possible direction for ourselves and our family, our work, our health and our happiness.

All this can be very stressful because we always try and do what is best.

There are times where we feel that the situation is closing in on us, that we are pushed into a corner and that there isn’t much we can do.

The word that can assist us in many situations in our life is “possibilities”.

And the way to use it in these situations is to ask this simple question:

“What are my possibilities?” or “what are the possibilities that I have before me?”

And the beauty in this is that this question in fact opens up new possibilities before you and takes you out from the narrow place that you have put yourself in.

The word possibilities opens up a new area, it gives you some breathing space and an ability to look at things in a new and clear way.

When you find yourself in a maze, the simple question “what are the possibilities?” will show the subject in a new light and the maze will reopen, the situation will turn into an open maze.

When you think that there is nothing left to do, the word possibilities will create new ways which you hadn’t thought about.

The question “what are the opportunities that I have before me?” ignites your ability to look and find the information within the sub conscious and then return to you with the answers.

Sometimes it comes by way of genius ideas that arrive from your intuition and imagination, sometimes through people that recommend various possibilities and sometimes the possibilities may present themselves before you through the natural flow of things.

Change the words “nothing goes well for me” with the question “what are my possibilities?”

Change the “I will have to choose…” with “what are the other possibilities that I have before me?” or “what other possibilities are there that I haven’t thought about?”

Change the “ok up to here! I give up…” to “I will rest a little and allow further possibilities to reach me; in the meantime I will let my sub conscious think of further possibilities that are open to me”.

One of the greatest illusions in the world 

One of the greatest illusions in the world is that we think that we know it all.I don’t think that there is something that can amuse God more than this statement which humans make repeatedly.

Real wisdom starts when you understand how little you really know. 

This illusion that we all fall into is the number one exterminator of possibilities in our lives.

One must never think that he knows it all, especially not people that have an influence on other peoples’ lives such as doctors, carers, psychologists, teachers and educators, managers, politicians/decision makers, people in the media, people in free professions that provide a service or even advisers! And the list goes on…

Even in the art and spiritual area, this illusion that you already know everything is the biggest barrier towards the spiritual and artistic development of the artist.

In my opinion the best definition to stupidity is the thought that you know everything.

I would like to suggest the following entry into the global dictionary:

Stupidity – the intelligent assumption that you know everything.

The word possibilities is the tool of the educated person 

And even this can be entered into the dictionary under the entry “possibilities” : )

One of the most beautiful and authentic thing which I have come across during my life is the string of words:

The truth is that I have no idea… 

Or simply three incredible words – I don’t knowI have discovered in my life that when I am synchronised with my lack of knowing and it is my reality, I feel balanced and connected to infinity.

It is a state that is elevated above the ego and is accompanied by a wonderful feeling of relief and flow.

It’s a wonderful feeling like no other, a feeling of freedom, of authenticity.

During these magical moments when I don’t know, I feel like I am cleverest person in the world : )

And the natural word that joins and completes this wisdom of the “not knowing” is the word “possibilities”.

I really don’t know + I am open to possibilities = practical wisdom

This is the way of the educated person, to be genuine towards the things he doesn’t know and to remain open to new learning possibilities.

Allow the possibilities to show you what possibilities there are.

A possibility is an open word, and as long as you learn how to use it everything will remain open for you always!

You didn’t succeed last time? Give it another chance.

You are not arriving at a decision? Check what other possibilities there are.

You feel a decline? What are the possibilities to change it to an incline?

Possibilities, possibilities, possibilities…. lots and lots and lots!!!

There are always many possibilities…endless possibilities and even a few more…

Look for possibilities and you will find them in abundance!

To permit is to be open to possibilities… remember this.

Permit this article to change your life…

How many possibilities are there for you? I must be honest and say that I really don’t know : )



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