Stop talking about your problem!

Do you want a tip for a happy life, a tip for success, a tip for creating friendships, a tip for attracting better things into your life? Here it is…

Stop talking about your problems!

Reiterating your problems and the repetition of this action only adds wood to the fire.

Instead of continuing complaining about the fire and the fact that you are so hot, pull your awareness from the problem and push it towards searching for water sources that will put out this fire already!

Stop talking about your problem and start looking for quick and wise solutions so that you can return back to the harmony and flourishing times now.

Tony Robbins once recommended to invest only 10% of your time in dealing with a problem and then use the remaining 90% in focusing on ways to finding solutions to the problem.

Whoever will be able to implement the 90/10 law that Tony mentioned will discover that their problems fade and that abundance of creative solutions start to appear and lead them onto the right path.

Stop talking about your problems, start talking about possibilities, start asking clever questions.

Problems love to hear you talking about them, they love the attention because it provides them with power, and in fact they continue to live only thanks to you and your involvement in them,

They need your awareness in order to carry on living inside you,

It’s you or them, which is why they will do everything in order to tempt you to think and talk about them so that you will also infect your friends.

Problems? Yes they are infectious. Look after your problem less friends otherwise it will come back to you with a boomerang.

Stop talking about the problem and convert the energy that serves you usually in going over and over the problem to a “laser beam” of energy that helps you find good quick solutions.

What is the way to finding solutions? Start looking for them.

And as soon as possible.

You must transform into an expert, like an experienced chef who turns the omelette over in the frying pan with one clean movement of the wrist, that is exactly how you should behave when you feel that the problem is starting to burn or smell, give a little twist of the wrist and turn the omelette over with precision and professionalism, the other side of the omelette is the solutions side.

As you identify a problem, turn it to the other side as quickly as you can.

Stop talking about your problem

Write this on a piece of paper and stick this wonderful reminder in front of you.

It’s a beautiful day today, stop talking about your problem!

Open the door to the solution…

When the problem is in the lounge, be assured that the problem is knocking on the door at the same time.

Open the door!

In fact it will arrive together with the hostess of the problem but you probably wouldn’t have noticed it because the problem makes a lot of noise, too much noise.

Focus on the solution more than on the problem, every problem must bring with it a solution; this is a solid genuine rule like no other.

Tell the problem “ok, I’ve listened to you enough today, now move a little to the side because you are hiding the solution from me”.

Stop talking about the problem, start listening to the solution, look for it and find it real close… right in front of you.

And now shhhh… stop talking about the problem and divert the attention from the problem to finding a practical, fast and efficient solution that will surprisingly advance you.

And now between us, don’t tell your problem about this, but on its back appears the word solution, always!



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  • dror says:

    thanks! very practical, i am going to practice- rigth now!

  • Sue says:

    So true! I totally agree with the 90/10 rule. The 10 percent is about as much as we should allow ourselves to vent about the problem. It makes a lot of sense to spend 90% of our time on solutions and moving forward in spite of the problem.

    Great blog!


  • Alex Ziv says:

    Hi Sue, thank you for your comment.