Suffering is a gift

The various suffering levels we experience during our lifetime are wonderful gifts from God.

You are probably asking…a gift?

Yes, it is a wonderful necessary gift towards a happy and sound Life.

Suffering is essential to a sound life? Ok, this is now confusing right?

The idea is this…

Imagine for a moment that suffering did not exist, for example that you are in a situation where life is static, you are not making the most of even a tiny bit of the potential which you have, and you feel comfortable with this.

You wake up when you feel like it, you don’t contribute via any service to society, yourself or your family, but you feel ok with this…

You don’t even eat or drink regularly and healthily and your body starts to lose some of its efficiency, however you feel really ok with this, not even a tiny bit of suffering.

How long do you think you could survive in this situation?

Not long.

Well, what causes you to carry on living, what causes you to progress in life and feel happy?

You have guessed correctly, these days of suffering, these days that are filled with feeling low.

The days where you feel fed up with everything, the days where you don’t feel well; the days where everything looks meaningless and doesn’t progress in any direction… they are the biggest gift to you from God.

They are your pulling rope to the other side… to the better side of life – to the Godly side of life!

The roll of suffering in your life

The freedom of choice which you have received and the freedom of thought causes you at times to come off course, but no worries, the endless insight which God has created within you, a form of a safety net from situations such as these is in the image of suffering.

When you come off course a little it starts to bother a little, if you take notice of the signs and you continue to go deeper into the wrong path you get some sort of a sting that starts to hurt, and if you really don’t notice the signs and stride right into the danger zone, suffering becomes so big that it is now impossible to ignore, you become a slave to your suffering, you cannot continue further, you just want a little comfort, all of a sudden a typical normal day, even a really boring one, without any special activity becomes something supreme… towards the goal.

You just want to get rid of the suffering and experience a typical day just like the other people who are walking along the street.

A situation such as this shows that you really haven’t understood the hints which you received about diverting off course and you are striding somewhere in your own path that is leading to nowhere, disconnected from the natural course of life.

If you do not wake up by yourself from the hints, don’t worry – you will wake up! Categorically, one way or another.

This is exactly the roll of suffering in your life – to help you wake up.

If you are unable to identify this immediately, but every time that you feel despondent and bent over, carrying the burden of the whole world on your back… you have had a Godly lifeline thrown to you.

You are swimming against the current in a stormy river, screaming and kicking and even willing to let go from all the effort, suddenly you discover a lifeline which is offered to you, you hold on to this rope and you start to pull and pull until you find yourself dry and clean standing above the ground smiling to the world.

The sun has once again shone on you!

You have come out of the crisis and you are even stronger than before.

Every time you suffer, you must remember that you have veered off the path and that the suffering is your life line, with its help you can go back onto the right path and even leave with one or two new insights that will help you reach a better place in your life.

God never gives only one gift, he gives endless gifts… the question is how many gifts your hands (your awareness) can collect from the vast treasure that is offered to you?

When you feel that you have been swept aside from the boundary of good, use the lifeline that has been thrown to you, through it you can return to your path quickly.

Don’t object to the negative feelings, they are not your enemy; they are a good dear friend.

They are the banner displayed by the good side telling you that you have veered off course and that there is a way back – always.

As long as there is a form of suffering that bothers you, you have a way back, the suffering itself is the indication that you have an option to go back to your path.

If you didn’t suffer, there would be no hope for you, but thanks to the warning signals of the suffering, you have been given another opportunity again and again…Thanks to the Godly love that exists within you and in the world.

What is correct regarding people is also correct regarding countries, regarding poverty, pollution, global warming and regarding any other suffering that the world suffers as a global group or that a country suffers as a local group.

Suffering is our pulling power towards Gods way, towards the good way, towards universal harmony, to peace, to love and eternal happiness.

Suffering shows us that we have veered off course and also lets us know that there is hope for us all, otherwise like I have already explained suffering wouldn’t exist and everything would go down the drain very quickly.

We must adopt suffering as a lifeline, as an opportunity to go back and live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the rest of the world.

And even if countries around the world are not aware of this, suffering will cause them to change and improve against their will.

It is very unfortunate that suffering in the world is a main engine to change and not the vision of great people that every so often appear on the planet, but thank God for suffering, without it we wouldn’t wake up to any positive change on a global level.

The intelligent way is to be aware to the little stings, to the small hints that point towards a veering off course and not to reach extreme situations when there is no choice, and the main thing that we can concentrate on with all our might is to ease the suffering in any possible way, this is the unintelligent way which many people and countries act by, they nod off to the hints until suffering pours a bucket of cold water on their face and wakes them up from their sleep in the land of “I don’t care”.

Many of the world’s problems could disappear if we paid attention to the small hints and we took care of the problems whilst they are still small, we would simply take one step back and correct the situation.

But there is still hope; the rope is still by our feet, waiting for us to pick it up… and who is pulling from the other side?

The good God.

All the paths and routes lead to the one good, to the light of the world.

We must grab onto the rope and return to the correct path, understand that we have veered off and that we must use suffering as a rope that will pull us back onto the right path.

What must I do when I recognise suffering?


When you recognise suffering know that it is a sign, look at it as a sign to the fact that you have veered from the harmonious path of life.

Look inside suffering and discover a rope that will lead you back to the path of pleasure and the good of life.

And to look inside means to observe! Not to object – just to observe.

You must observe in a clean manner into the essence of the suffering and wait for the insight to bring you back it will even advance you such a distance that you would never have been able to make without the generosity of suffering.

It may be that there is something now that is bothering you and is causing you suffering… everyone experiences suffering in their own personal way,

To one, standing in a queue at the post office is a form of suffering, to the other it is to live in an apartment with no air conditioning, and to another it is their partner or neighbours or colleagues or the drivers on the roads or the various service industries…or their daily chores or anything else under the sun…

The degrees of suffering that we experience are unique to us which is why they cannot be compared to each other.

We must only remember that suffering is a gift from God, it’s a rope that if you hold onto (look into and learn from) and start striding; you will go back to the fun path of life.

To the harmonious way of the universe.

So many gifts you receive… You lucky thing! : )



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