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My dear friend John Assaraf this week sent me with his kind wishes the latest book written by himself and his partner Murray Smith called “The answer”.

Even during my first meeting with John he told me with eyes lit with enthusiasm about the new book which they are working on with vigour and love – “The answer”.

A book that will answer all the questions that naturally arise to people that are exposed to “the secret” for the first time and also to the veterans who have known it well for years but want to deepen their knowledge.

Curiosity awoke within me…and I could imagine myself reading the book with much joy once it would be published.

About two weeks ago I was corresponding with John and he asked me whether I had already read his new book “The answer” which had been published the previous week?

When I replied that I hadn’t he said that he would send me a copy the following morning…

Even in this little example it is possible to see how the Law of attraction works… I recall our conversation, and how I had imagined myself reading the book in the future… and now the physical book is laid on my desk after reading it with pleasure, and here I am sharing my impressions with you.

So thank you to the universe and John Assaraf for their giving.

If it is at all possible to summarise the essence of the book in a few words then I would say the following:

In the book “The answer” John Assaraf and his partner Murray Smith give their heart, their love, they share with the reader all that they know about the law of attraction and success in business.

They took all the practical and theoretical knowledge that they have gathered over more than 25 years of success and organised it in the right order and with one goal: so that we also will be able to succeed on a large scale exactly as they have.

When John reached a reality of financial freedom where he did not need to work even a single day in his life, he was aware of the fact that he knew how to apply “the secret” but he did not know why “the secret” worked? And what is the exact science that supports the secret?

With all the freedom and time at his disposal, he begun to read all the latest scientific books in quantum physics and brain research, and travelled all across the world to hear lectures from great scientists, spoke to them on the phone and even met with them in person.

Once the scientific picture of “the secret” was exposed before his eyes, he and his friend Murray Smith who is an amazing success story in his own right, decided to establish

“One Coach” whose aim is to help small businesses from all over the world succeed.

A quote from the book:

“Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms. Atoms are made out of energy. And energy is made out of consciousness. Your thoughts not only matter, they create matter. Thoughts is where everything comes from. And your thoughts are where your business comes from.”

This book is not “another” standard business book. This is a unique book that is well worded and leads the reader in an easy and calm manner to a deeper understanding.

The book teaches how to create correct vision for your business using examples from the lives of John & Murray and is supported by practical exercises that one has to implement along the way. It explains the subject of limiting beliefs and how it is possible to re programme the sub conscious and swap the limiting beliefs with positive beliefs that will lead you automatically to success.

The first half of the book describes in details how the law of attraction works through the various functions of the brain and the understanding of the precise laws by which the universe functions.

The second half of the book contains specific techniques for your business growth, whether you are a small business or a business with tens, hundreds or thousands of employees, you will find in this book doors that you did not know exist. You will look at your business and your clients with a totally different look.

Murray Smith & John Assaraf explain in a simple and easy way how to transform your business into a very successful one and they bring tens of examples from their success record.

Friends, the pages of this book scream giving!!!!! Take, take, take… John Assaraf & Murray Smith offer you a hand that is worth gold, if it was possible to reach out from within this book then one hand of John Assarafs would hold one of your hands and the other hand of Murray Smith would hold on to your other hand and they would simply pull you along into their world, into the success world. Into the kingdom of happiness & wealth.

My advice for you is this: reach both your hands to them in confidence and let them take you and your business into a special land whose name is: “everything is possible”.

This really is a classic book that will act as a turning point to many in the present and in the future to come.

Reach both your hands forward and stride confidently into the most beautiful future with your friends: John Assaraf & Murray Smith.

So, what was even the question?

Exactly, the question has disappeared! And “The answer” is already here.

Thank you to John & Murray for a high standard book, this is a must have in every business and every home.

Highly recommended!

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