The day ahead

I would like you to remind yourself something every day:

At the end of this day, it will not be possible to go back to its beginning.

Remember this whilst you are enjoying all that today has to offer you, every single minute.

Declare the following things to yourself at the beginning of the day,

Today I am creating for myself

A special day where I will pay attention to the little and beautiful details around me.

I will listen more and speak less.

I will enjoy other peoples company and will let other people enjoy my company.

I will drink my tea /coffee with pleasure.

I will lift my head for a moment and check the colour of the sky.

I will feel that I am inside a body; I love it and the service and advantages it gives me.

I will think optimistically, with a positive certainty that everything is good for me.

I will believe in myself and my ability.

I will do at least one thing that is not selfish, I will give something without asking to receive.

I will advance myself; I will look after my own interests so that everyone will gain from my gain.

I will be creative.

I will admire a specific person for his achievements, his character, beauty.

I will learn something new about the world; I will look at things in a new and wise way.

I will be practical, productive, sharp and focused.

I will work enthusiastically, passionately, lovingly, creatively and not out of obligation.

I will be aware of the small bird that is singing on the tree top.

I will be loyal to myself, to my values, to the authenticity in me.

I will do as my heart says.

I will find myself a magical moment where I will sit under a tree or on a bench and I will look at the world with wonder and amazement.

I will change my mind about a person that I know; I will start to think of him as a friend.

I will see open doors before me and opportunities to evolve and grow in my life.

I will discover a new interest in my life, curious areas, new knowledge, new horizons.

Today I will breathe a sigh of relief, breaths of happiness, relief and joy.

Today I will soak up all that the day has to offer me.

At the end of this day, it will not be possible to go back to its beginning.

Today is my day, it is for me, it is spread before me wide open…

And this is how I will start each new day in my life.



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