Wake up to a new life

At every moment in time that you find yourself in now, you are new.

Without connection to how old or young you are, you renew at every moment with every breath.

The only thing that is old is the past thoughts which you haven’t yet put aside.

Look at this period in your life as an exciting new adventure.

A new perspective will change the picture for you; a small change in the angle can make all the difference.

Have you let yourself off recently? Have you put extra unnecessary worries on yourself?

This is the time to shake of this dust, step into the shower and step out new and refreshed into the day that symbolizes a new era, a period of blossoming in your life.

No one is stopping you from being happy right now, other than yourself.

And no one can give you happiness in your life other than yourself.

This is the time to release you from the past and enter into a new outlook on life.

To take one step forward from the sadness into happiness, from complacency into ingenuity, from the past into a present that looks towards a pink future, this is the time to get back to yourself.

No one can give you this gift other than yourself.

Change the way you look at things, and things will change.

The good years are not behind you, they are present here and now in front of you as a path that spreads to infinity.

This is the path of happiness that you must follow every day, and on the arrow that leads to it is written the word “Attitude”.

Life is present here for you, it is asking to give you from all that is good, you have what is needed in order to flourish, and infact right now you don’t need anything other than quality attitude to life, a new perspective that highlights your advantages,. Gratitude for what you already have, optimism towards the future and knowledge that you deserve it and that it is yours.

This is the time to realise that this is your best period, if you choose to look at it this way and that it will be even better later on.

This is the time to open your eyes wide, to connect to the beautiful things that surround you right now, understand that these moments are worth their weight in gold, every moment and moment, this is the time to get up and renew your approach,

This is the time to wake up to life,

This is the time to wake up to a new life.



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  • dvorah acoca says:

    לאלכס זיו היקר מזה זמן רב שרציתי להודות לך על כל המאמרים ותמונות ההשראה המדהימות ביופיין והקליפים,אני לא מדלגת על כלום.ונהינית מאוד מעבודת הקודש שאתה עושה . היום לאחר ההפנמה של כל המאמרים והחדרתם היטב לתת המודע .הכל מתחיל להוכיח את עצמו באופן כל כך טבעי ,ויוצא החוצא אל המודע ויצירתו במציאות והמאמר האחרון הזה של להתעורר לחיים חדשים המחיש לי את מה שאני מרגישה. כי השנה אני יוצרת כל כך הרבה שינויים ומוצאת את עצמי בחיים חדשים.אז אין מקריות ולא סתם החלטתי דווקא היום לקרוא את המאמר באנגלית,מה שלא עשיתי אף פעם .תמיד קראתי רק .בעברית תודה רבהלך ולכל הצוות שעובד איתך אני מקבלתהמון עידוד ותמיכה מהמאמרים שלך. המשך בהצלחה בעבודת הקודש.אני אוהבת אותך על מי שאתה תודה רבה