Writing your weekly vision – a promise for a successful week!

At the beginning of a new week write the following headline on a piece of paper:

Below the headline write in general terms your goals for the following week – for example:

1. Complete health, excellent nutrition.

2. I will feel positive energy and motivation in abundance.

3. I will learn new and interesting things.

4. I will cause my business to flourish by improving my service.

5. Smiles, happiness, sense of humour etc…

At the end of the list write the date and sign it with your own handwriting.

Place the paper somewhere where you can look at what you have written at least once a day.

During the week you will notice that what you have written on the paper comes true naturally, at the end of the week go over the list again and compare it to the week just gone, you will be surprised to discover that in most cases you have managed to implement it all.

What will make this week a successful week?



3 responses so far

  • ortal sagron says:

    is it ok to write my weekly vision in a future tense?
    for example:
    i will make 2000 shekels this week?
    thank you

  • miri says:

    thanks i will do it and will tell you what happened P.G next week

  • Li-Aura says:

    Every goal that you set for yourself, every vision that you send out
    there should be in the present tense. Your subconcious mind does not
    have the grasp of a future time. You have to relate to your vision or your goal as if you have already fullfilled it. When you feel as if
    you have gotten what you had sent out to the universe, then
    your vibrations (energy vibrations)are much more aligned with the
    universal vibrations and the chances for you to actually create and
    materialize your vision are so much higher.
    The secret to get what you want is to align you vibrations to the
    vibrations of the universe. The higher your vibrations-the more
    chances you will create whatever it is that you want.
    With Infinite Love and Gratitude – Li-Aura (Canada).
    I forgot to mention that this is my reply to Ortal Sagron.