You are full of light

When you are full of light, the whole world opens before you, when you lack light the whole world closes.

Have you ever noticed how the flowers open up when the sun is shining and at night and on wintry days they close up?

All the things in the world react in the same way to light.

When you prepare, for example, a vegetable salad and you do it with pleasure, you project a light of love and therefore all the live ingredients in the vegetables open before you and release their flavour and qualities, but when you prepare the same salad from a place of no light, the vital ingredients including the taste close exactly like the flowers. They feel you.

The same happens when you travel the world and spread your light, the whole world opens before you and when you underestimate its power; the world closes just like the flowers.

The world reacts to your light.

Have you noticed the tendency of people, children and animals to be attracted to people that are full of light? And on the other hand their tendency to close and reject people who have no light?

Within you there is sun and this is the genuine source of your pure light, the Godly light.

Reveal your sun, your smile, all the good within you and go out into the world.

Doors will open up before you without question or effort.

People will want to be around you, you will create around you a flourishing environment.

There is light within you, you are full of light.



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  • noach says:

    Thank you that your article allow me to reconect to my own light. As a matter of fact I am trying to practice this issue but always remember. Today i read your article and I felt the light and the joy inside me.
    Thank you for allows me to enjoy these moments.

  • dror says:

    you are a big light and reminder for me- thanks from my son!