You are unique

Do you enjoy your uniqueness?

There is no one that is identical to you in this world, you are absolutely unique.

Your model is not produced anywhere else; it is not copied in China or Japan.

You are unique!

Try for a moment to think about all the people in the world, could you try and imagine or think about another person who is like you?

Between us… Madonna is great and so is Brad Pitt but even if they tried really hard, they couldn’t be who you are.

Do you treat yourself in this way? As the unique person that you are?

Between all the types of life which exist, between the billions of people, you are one and only.

I want you to remind yourself of this every day, and every time you are hard on yourself and think that you are not worthy.

Not equal to whom? Not worthy of what?

Of course you are not equal, because you are unique; you cannot be equal to anyone else, because there is no one else like you in the world.

When you walk along the street today, I want you to walk with your head held high, With a confident chest… because there is respect, there is a lot of respect.

Remember always that you are unique, and no one can or will be able to argue this fact.

You have been designed by the elite designer himself, an innovative design that has never been.

This face that looks at you from the mirror, these sparkling eyes that look at you, have never been like this in all of the glorious history of mankind, you are unique now and you are unique since the first person walked the earth.

So a little more respect and appreciation towards yourself please…

I am asking for more input into your uniqueness, I am asking that you start to respect yourself in accordance with your uniqueness.

What are your faults?

Who cares…

You are the one and only, you are special.

Everything that you do in your life will have its own unique foot print.

Everything that you touch will have its unique personal touch of yours.

Every moment that you experience is your personal moment with the uniqueness that you bring to it.

There is no one else like you.

You are a new melody that has never been played until now; you are a Hymn, a new song to God.

You are the wonder of the universe, the uniqueness of the creator, you are who you are and this is the most beautiful thing that you can give to the world…

You are you.



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